About Atopis™

What is Atopis™

Atopis™ is a clinically proven and safe, patented, therapeutic cream containing Myriphytase™ developed for use in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and acne.  It is completely natural with all ingredients sourced raw in New Zealand and is unlike any other skincare cream currently on the market.  Atopis™ is now available to purchase atwww.atopis.com

The Science of What is Atopis™

The scientific process called Peptilization fuses together plant, bacterial and insect components to produce novel compounds called Myriphytase™.  Once combined Myriphytase has the power to alter human skin immune responses.  These components when locked in nature are in a structure that cannot be used effectively by the human body skin cells.  By using the patented Peptilization™ process the natural structures are gently “opened and combined” to release natural, yet powerful healing qualities.

Myriphytase is then incorporated into a carrier cream, which has been designed to work in synergy with Myriphytase™ to enhance bio-activity and complete the reaction process.  The combination of these ingredients form Atopis™ which synergistically treats skin immune disorders to heal and regenerate healthy skin.

Atopis™ is Novel

The impressive success of Atopis™ first clinical trial in the treatment of eczema, conducted in the United States, has been sufficient for the US clinical research organisation to submit the results for publication in a medical journal.  The second trial, a double blinded, placebo controlled clinical trial using 61 eczema subjects and was conducted in New Zealand has provided further evidence of efficacy and supports stronger market regulatory claims.


Six Causes of Eczema

Six Targeted Mechanisms of Action