Clinical Evidence of Atopis™

The Intellectual Property Position

The world patent, which is held by Decima, was filed in the United States by Amin Talati & Upadhye, LLC of Chicago. 

Atopis™ has a strong Intellectual Property position that incorporates a suite of international patents and trademarks.   

The Clinical Trials

Double Blinded Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial New Zealand

Clinical Trial

A larger eczema double-blinded, placebo controlled clinical trial, was successfully completed in New Zealand in February 2016, by Southern Clinical Trials Group Ltd.  The aim of the trial is to provide further clinical evidence of the efficacy of Atopis™ and to support stronger market regulatory claims. 

An Independent report of the trial results was written by Dr. Carl Donavan of DMP Statistics based in the St Andrews University of Scotland, released the 3/3/16. The report titled Statistical Analysis for Atopis Clinical Trial BECI2700, showed Atopis™ achieved clinical significance (P <0.0157) for the improvement of eczema symptoms (SCORAD).  

Single Blinded Clinical Trial United States of America

A five-week single blinded eczema clinical trial was conducted in the USA. The trial was targeted at moderate eczema and demonstrated a significant clinical improvement for each symptom in reducing the size and number of lesions, redness, itching and skin irritation.

Atopis™ has been clinically shown to be safe and effective, it significantly improved the quality of life with no serious adverse events or side effects observed. 

Demonstrated Clinical Efficacy for Atopis™

The key measure taken from the trial showed five key areas of Significance:

Reduction in the severity of eczema p<0.01, Decrease in itching p<0.001, Improvement in skin quality p<0.04, Decrease in redness p<0.001, Decrease in scaling p<0.0001

Note: P values less than P<0.05 indicate a significant clinical result (smaller the better). 

The results of this first trial on Atopis™ are published by The International Journal of Phytocosmetics and Natural Ingredients released 22 March 2016.  Please see our news blog for details.